philipp christoph haas   |  figurative painting



Philipp Christoph Haas’ focus in painting is the human figure and its relationship to space. The Austrian born artist paints and draws figures in contemporary interiors and public urban spaces, his works are “telling stories beyond narration”, capturing short moments of configuration that remain open to interpretation. Light plays a major role in all of the painter's work, spaces are depicted as both, perceived from outside as well as experienced from inside.


Philipp Christoph Haas is currently living in Vienna/Austria and has exhibited his work in Austria, Hungary, Thailand, South Korea and Iran.



top left to bottom right: [untitled] from series figure in space, 2016; [parasol], 2017; [midday], 2017; [untitled] from series interieur, 2015





Galerie Kontur (Vienna/Austria), "Wege zum Bildwerk - Heimo Kuchling zum 100. Geburtstag", group exhibition, 2017

Galeria Sucio (Bangkok/Thailand), "Din Daeng - Red Soil", group exhibition, 2017

Galerie Am Park (Vienna) with sculptor Peter Jeschek, 2017

Future Factory (Bangkok/Thailand), „Urbanicity“, group exhibition, 2017

Galerie Kontur (Vienna), "Querbeet", group exhibition, 2016

Galerie Museum Rabalderhaus (Schwaz/Austria) with Walter Methlagl jr., 2016

Galerie Kontur (Vienna), "Figur im Raum", solo exhibition, 2015

Stilwerk im Design Tower (Vienna), group exhibition, Q202, 2015

Galerie Kandinsky (Vienna) with Walter Methlagl jr., 2014

Galéria IX (Budapest/Hungary) with group Vienna Artist, 2014

Jeonbuk Art Gallery (Jeonju/Korea) with collectives IAC Korea and PANK, 2014

Bildhauereizentrum Arteum (Vienna), „Kunstandacht“, group exhibition Art2Go, Kulturnetz Hernals, 2013

R2-Galerie (Vienna), „Figur im Raum“, solo exhibtion, 2012